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"This has given the project a clear dynamic."

Katrin Bulitta-Dahm and Toralf Sparbrodt faced a real challenge in their collaboration: "We wanted to develop a plot of land in a very difficult location. In order to sell it, building rights first had to be obtained," says the tax advisor. The conversion of a former industrial wasteland of around 120,000 square meters required extensive coordination and project work in interdisciplinary teams - after all, it had to be coordinated with landowners, planners, conservationists, experts and various authorities with a wide range of objectives and requirements:

"Katrin Bulitta-Dahm is a real communicator. She brings people together and always keeps her goal in mind. She asks the right questions at the right time and has a high level of quality awareness - from the start of the project to its completion," says Toralf Sparbrodt, appreciating the work of his business partner. "The situation was complex in detail. Thanks to sustained process control and intensive communication, we were able to make result-oriented and rapid progress with all parties involved during the obtaining of building rights. This gave the project a clear dynamic."

Profitability plays a decisive role in project management, which is why the marketing of the property was already a priority at the same time as obtaining building rights: "Right from the start, we explored the marketing options, formed and approached potential buyer groups. From our experience we know how project developers and investors feel. We were able to use this for our exposé and our further discussions", Toralf Sparbrodt summarizes the marketing process.

Both can well imagine implementing further projects in complex decision-making situations and with interdisciplinary teams. This may involve the development of further wasteland or other demanding marketing projects.


Toralf Sparbrodt

is a tax consultant and advisor in complex decision-making-situations. For him, the customer's perspective is the central starting point and success factor in project work.