People History


Strong values are the basis for our cooperation.

THORWART Consult stands for commitment. We are partners for entrepreneurs.
Our values are firmly anchored in our mission statement.

Values are strengths and make up the positive personality of a company both now and in the future. We come from traditional companies that have built up and consolidated their values over generations. We know about their potentials and how important it is to preserve them.

Sustainable solutions are created through a strong value framework. This is the basis for our cooperation.

We are a team of entrepreneurial personalities with many years of technical and management expertise. Our advice is not off-the-shelf. It is the result of mutual communication.
Our recommendations are practical. We accompany the operative process from beginning to end with a unique network from business, science, culture and politics.

We work for people and their goals. We identify ourselves with our customers, their goals are also ours. That is why we see ourselves as corporate partners. We support management executives and are always their direct contact.
The human component is inseparably linked to the economic component. Therefore, our goal is a people-oriented and value-creating performance climate in the entire context of the company.

We have learned to think in generations and not only in quarters. This knowledge is the basis of our consulting approach. Our goal is to work with the client to achieve a long-term result that translates into market success, value enhancement and quality of life for all parties involved.