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Organizational development and process design

"Form follows function" - What applies to product design and architecture also applies to business processes and organizational design: The organizational structure must be aligned with the business processes, not the other way around. The processes, in turn, result from the needs of the company's added value, which in turn is based on the strategy.

What sounds so clear and unambiguous is often not easy in practice. Changing long-established processes is often not easy. Breaking up familiar departmental structures requires energy and often creates frustration and disappointment among those affected. Changes should therefore be designed and "dosed" in such a way that the organization can tolerate them and ultimately also implement them efficiently.

The "big bang", the "big reorganization" is not always the right remedy (but sometimes it is). Small changes in the processes, the omission of "loops" and process steps or a shortening of the process chain are often sufficient to adapt changes or bring about significant increases in efficiency.

A change in the methodical approach can also be helpful: Agile methods, such as Scrum or Kanban, are often more suitable for complex topics than the conventional waterfall model - but they don't have to be. Likewise, the agile methodology is not the panacea everywhere, especially with classic Tayloristic processes.

We accompany you when you plan process and organizational changes, for example on the basis of a strategy adjustment, in the event of changed environmental conditions. Or simply "only" if the existing processes and organization in your company are to be put to the test.

What is important to us: It is always your organization and your organizational change. You know your company best. We support you with our experience from various process and organizational changes. We do not impose a standard organizational model on you, but work together to develop the solution that best suits your company.

The organizational development and process design offer goes hand in hand with our other offers, in particular for basic strategic orientation, structural change and change processes as well as generational change and succession.

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