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Dr. Tobias Wagner


Digitization is not an end in itself. Digital processes and IT support should make processes and collaboration in the company simpler, faster, more transparent and more reliable. For this to succeed, digitization must be thought of and designed in the overall context of process improvement, organizational change and change management. Because in the end, it is the people in the company who should work as efficiently and effectively as possible with the digital tools and processes. They are therefore the focus of the needs and change processes.

After 16 years of working in various operational and strategic functions and eleven years of management experience in a large IT company in Nuremberg, I know what is important in the digitization of processes and how companies and the people in them can be prepared for the associated changes and supported in their implementation. Due to my more than 25 years of honorary involvement in the city council and municipal council, I also know about the special features of public authorities and public companies when it comes to these topics.

fields of activity:

Structural change and change processes →
Organizational development and process design →
Digitization and IT →


Since 2022: independent consultant, cooperation with THORWART Consult

2006-2022: In various operational and strategic functions of a large IT service provider in Nuremberg (since 2011 executive)

2005-2006: Worked for an international law firm

2005: 2nd state examination in law

2000-2005 Research assistant at the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg

2000: 1st state examination in law

1996-2020: Member of the city council, since 2020 member of the municipal council