Toralf Sparbrodt Georg Engelhardt

"The region has gained enormously in self-confidence."

"We want to become the preferred home region for skilled people from all over the world," this is what the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region declares as its goal.

When the alliance started in 2005, the region was marked by structural change: large companies such as Grundig and AEG closed their doors. As a result, unemployment rose. The decision was imminent: moan or reflect and focus on your strengths. "Politics and business jointly decided on the last-mentioned," says Managing Director Dr. Christa Standecker, recalling the beginnings of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. Right from the start, Dirk von Vopelius was a strong regional player who brought his expertise and networks to the new regional cooperation.

First of all, the basic questions were: "Who are we and what do we want to achieve? In the end there was a vision, a mission and five major strategic goals. In marketing, we jointly developed the new logo - which is still in use today - for the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region with the claim "Kommen.Staunen.Bleiben" (Come.Be amazed.Stay). Dirk von Vopelius has persistently pushed the idea of equipping highway signs with the addition "Nuremberg Metropolitan Region" and thus raising the flag, right up to its implementation," says the Managing Director, summarizing the challenges.

Today there are over 110 of these signs. They contribute significantly to the awareness of the Metropolitan Region brand. Further steps in brand development and visibility followed. " Here the entrepreneur in Dirk von Vopelius made his way through. He is a doer and very well networked," says Dr. Christa Standecker of her former consultant. "He also launched a national advertising campaign, which particularly convinced the entrepreneurs. This was successful pride work and the region has gained in self-confidence".

In the meantime, the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region has become a fixed point of light on the map of Europe and benefits from its radiant power as a home for creative people.


Dr. Christa Standecker
Managing Director of the European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg

23 administrative districts and eleven independent cities have been working together in partnership since 2005 for the dynamic "Metropolitan Region" project. Their aim is to become the preferred home region for skilled people from all over the world. In a visionary network, the alliance offers all the opportunities of an international metropolis, but without the negative effects of a megacity.